Capacitive home button?

CrunchGear has published photos which appear to show an iPod Touch with a capacitive home button and 128 Gb of internal storage.

Although this potential development doesn’t come as a surprise, the image on the left looks as though it’s been subjected to some Photoshop treatment. There seems to be a ring around the button where someone may have selected a colour in the image, erased the line, and not properly taken into account the difference in tone between the left and the right side. Perhaps though, this area is just more greasy because it’s the most used, so it could be genuine after all. I’ve no doubt that the extra storage is real – it makes sense that we can expect to see 128 Gb iPods this autumn.

Although a capacitive home button might sound good, in practice it would not be a particularly good idea. It would be far too easy to activate accidentally as you’d have to hold your iPhone/iPod at the sides while using it and so and it would probably become extremely irritating over time. Let’s hope this never makes it into the design of the next generation products.

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