Possible iPhone 5 front panel?

Following rumours that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen earlier this month, a Chinese reseller has posted a picture of a part which appears to show the front of the new phone will have a thinner bezel around the outside to accommodate a 4 inch display, while at the same time keeping the same overall size as the current generation phone. Interestingly, it appears the ‘home’ button will be kept for this new model, so speculation that the new multitouch gestures which appeared in iOS 4.3 beta 1 will replace the need for a physical button will be curtailed, for now.

How Apple will manage the screen resolution issue, in order to maintain compatibility with older apps, still remains to be seen. Will they simply keep the screen resolution the same? Unlikely, as this would lose the ‘Retina’ effect with the current 300+ dpi screen. They certainly can’t double it, so the only other option will be perhaps a 1.2x increase. This could lead to some unfortunate scaling artifacts, though perhaps with the high pixel density it would be possible. We may find an answer in next week’s iPad 2 announcement, where that device faces a similar issue.

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