Apple USB hubs

Ever since the launch of the original iMac back in 1998, Apple fans have liked to ensure their peripherals match the casing of the device they’re using. The ‘hockey puck’ style USB mouse is a prime example:

Surprisingly, however, Apple doesn’t produce an ‘official’ USB hub, despite the increasing number of gadgets we’re connecting up to daily. If you happen to own a non-Lightning and a Lightning device, such as an iPhone 5 and third generation iPad, you’ll probably want to keep both cables plugged in at once to a desktop machine. If you own the recently announced iMac, you might wish to plug in a DVD or Blu ray drive too, as the inbuilt optical drive has now disappeared. Before long you’ll probably be looking for more ports.

For a short time, MIC Gadget offered a four port USB hub complete with a glowing Apple logo. However, this was soon discontinued.

Fortunately, Apple sells a range of approved USB hubs through the Apple Store, mostly from Belkin. For example, this four port powered hub fits nicely under the iMac. However, it doesn’t support iPad charging, which is rather a disappointment.

For users needing even more capacity, there’s also a seven port hub.

Of course, if you’re not too concerned aboutĀ aesthetics, it’s also possible to plug in any USB hub, from any manufacturer.

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