New Do Not Disturb iOS 6 feature

When the new Do Not Disturb feature was announced at WWDC last month, there were rather understandably exclamations of excitement from the conference hall.

Anyone who’s been disturbed by an unimportant text or call would be able to sympathise with those keynote attendees. The new Do Not Disturb feature will at last allow users to define a period where they’re more than likely to be asleep, perhaps between 11pm and 7am, and when it’s during these times, the screen won’t light up (it can be intrusively bright in a dark room) and there’ll be no sound or vibration alert.

Of course, there are always times when there are emergencies and Apple has thought of those too. If the same number calls again within three minutes, the phone can alert the user as usual. The same applies for a predefined ‘Favourites’ list of the most important contacts on the phone.

Do Not Disturb looks to be one of the best new features in iOS 6 and I’ll certainly be defining a ‘Quiet Hours’ period as soon as the new software is installed.

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