Potential iPhone 5 case design

Leaked images of the case for the next generation iPhone have recently been published by 9to5Mac, which seem to suggest that the new device will have a completely different design to that of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

From this image we can tell that there could be a number of changes. Most importantly, the screen appears much larger, and now appears to be sporting a 16:9 widescreen display. Many people have questioned if the screen size could ever be increased without affecting the layout of on screen elements. However, apps are already expected to be slightly flexible vertically (most applications have scroll bars) and so increasing the resolution in one direction only could be a very viable solution. The screen resolution is reported to beĀ 1136 x 640, up from 960 x 640 on the current generation.

Interestingly, the case seems to have no room for a traditional 30-pin dock connector, which has been standard on all of Apple’s products in recent living memory. Instead, there seems to be a much smaller hole for a potential smaller connector. This could leave more room for higher quality, stereo speakers. External audio is something which has always been a disappointment on the iPhone so this would be most welcome. However, changing the dock connector would mean any device or cable which currently uses this type would become obsolete, unless Apple produced a form of adaptor.

It appears that the headphone socket may be moving from the top to the bottom of the device, taking some of the room saved by having a smaller connector.

Finally, it seems that all the speculation about a phone with no SIM card will come to nothing for now. The images above clearly show a SIM card tray with space for a slot.

It’s been speculated that the iPhone will simply be known as ‘the new iPhone’, just like the ‘new iPad’ which was released earlier this year. If it does indeed have a larger screen and an all new design which these images suggest, offering something to both iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4/4S users, then I expect it to be hugely successful.

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