Scott Forstall leaves Apple

One of Apple’s most high profile employees, Scott Forstall, is to leave the company. Forstall is Senior Vice President of iOS Software, and is well known for his keynote and product video appearances.

The biggest question of course, is why is he leaving now, just as Apple is enjoying massive revenues from the iPhones and iPads powered by iOS?

The rumours appear to point to iOS 6, and more┬áspecifically Apple Maps. Although beta testers told the company that Maps wasn’t ready for release, Forstall decided to press ahead anyway. It’s hard to imagine Steve Jobs ever allowing it out of the door.

Although a revolutionary operating system back in 2007, iOS is starting to look a little stale when compared with the rich interface offered by Android 4.1, ‘Jelly Bean’. Hopefully a change of personnel will bring some fresh ideas to the table.