iPad 3 to get Retina display?

When iPad 2 was launched, many were surprised that the tablet didn’t sport the new high display resolution which had debuted on the iPhone 4 in summer the previous year. In what therefore seems like a logical step for the next revision of Apple’s tablet, CNET reports that Retina-class QXGA (2048×1536) panel production has now started. This builds on a discovery of two types of icons in the SDK more than a year ago.

I expect to see the new display being launched as a key marketing message with the next generation device in January. Although the iPad is among the best for reading colour newspapers, it can be uncomfortable to read long passages of text when compared with super sharp ‘electronic ink’ devices such as the Amazon Kindle. Improving the display would establish the iPad as the premium eReader for all types of content, and provide publishers with a motivation to increase the availability of content on the Apple Store, particularly in the Newsstand section, which still has disappointingly few titles.

iOS 5.0.1 released

Apple have today released an update to iOS 5 which should resolve some of the battery issues which some iPhone 4S users have been reporting. It also adds multitasking gestures for the original iPad, which were inexplicably left out of the initial iOS 5 release.

The new update is a test of Apple’s new ‘over the air’ delta updating. In simple terms, this means that only the files which have changed since iOS 5 need to be downloaded and updated, rather than the whole ~650MB package as before. This in turn will mean Apple’s servers won’t be so busy, minimising bandwidth problems we’ve seen on almost all previous updates on launch day. Note, though, that if you choose to install via iTunes, you’ll still need to download the whole package.