iPhone 5 ‘to launch on 5th September’?

When June came and went without a new iPhone this year, most people immediately assumed that Apple would use its traditional September digital media conference to launch the new device instead.

Now we’re starting to put the best of summer behind us, we should hopefully see rumours of expected release dates. An Italian website speculates that the iPhone will be released on the 5th of October in Italy, and a month earlier in the United States. At the same time, Boy Genius Report┬ástates that Apple is recruiting additional staff for ‘new product launches’ and that AT&T is informing staff to complete any employee training as soon as possible.

I’m fully expecting a new phone this autumn. Whether it’ll be a complete redesign, or simply a smaller tweak to the iPhone 4, when we consider that a third of all Americans will buy an iPhone 5 it doesn’t seem likely that Apple would fail to meet demand for a new device in 2011.