White iPhone ‘4S’

M.I.C. Gadget has posted this image which appears to show a modified iPhone 4 with a larger display. This could be one of the next generation iPhone protoypes which are rumoured to have been sent to select developers in order for them to take full advantage of the new dual-core A5 chip.

The device we see here may bear no resemblance to the external design of the next-generation iPhone – it may simply be a ‘beefed-up’ version of the iPhone 4. However, many suggest that the next device will be exactly that, just as the iPhone 3GS was to the iPhone 3G.

Of course, the white iPhone 4 hasn’t even been launched officially yet. Current rumours, including search results on Three’s website, suggest the white iPhone will be launched imminently, giving credibility to a September launch for the next-generation model.

iOS 4.3.2 released

Apple have released a minor release of iOS less than a month after 4.3.1 with the following highlights:

  • Fixes an issue that occasionally caused blank or frozen video during a FaceTime call
  • Fixes an issue that prevented some international users from connecting to 3G networks on iPad Wi-Fi + 3G
  • Contains the latest security updates

I found that I started getting ‘No Service’ on my phone much more frequently with iOS 4.3.1 – it reverted to reporting the kind of reception I used to get before 4.1 – so I’m interested to see if there’ll be any difference now I’ve updated. I’ve also had a problem since iOS 4.0 where my phone reboots after a 5 minute call so I’m eagerly hoping that something will have changed here too.

Capacitive home button?

CrunchGear has published photos which appear to show an iPod Touch with a capacitive home button and 128 Gb of internal storage.

Although this potential development doesn’t come as a surprise, the image on the left looks as though it’s been subjected to some Photoshop treatment. There seems to be a ring around the button where someone may have selected a colour in the image, erased the line, and not properly taken into account the difference in tone between the left and the right side. Perhaps though, this area is just more greasy because it’s the most used, so it could be genuine after all. I’ve no doubt that the extra storage is real – it makes sense that we can expect to see 128 Gb iPods this autumn.

Although a capacitive home button might sound good, in practice it would not be a particularly good idea. It would be far too easy to activate accidentally as you’d have to hold your iPhone/iPod at the sides while using it and so and it would probably become extremely irritating over time. Let’s hope this never makes it into the design of the next generation products.