Apple announces media event

At last!

Apple has finally announced a media event in San Francisco at 6PM UK time on the 12th September, where the next generation iPhone is likely to be revealed.

As always, Apple likes to tease people with event invites, and today’s is no different. At first glance, it’s easy to miss – but if you look closely, you’ll see that the shadow that the ’12’ makes is actually a ‘5’. This could mean that the new device is called the ‘iPhone 5’, rather than following the lead of the iPad and being called the ‘new iPhone’ instead.

Much of what we may expect to see next week has already been covered on this blog, including a taller display, a new dock connector and an all new case design. However, there could still be other new features such as NFC for small payments and 4G support for UK phone networks, such as the one Everything Everywhere is launching a day before Apple’s event.

It’s possible there’ll be a new iPod Touch announcement in time for Christmas, and it’s also rumoured that the iPod Nano will be receiving an update too. However, I’m not expecting a ‘mini iPad’ to be announced – in fact I’d be surprised if one were to be announced at all, considering that the iPhone’s screen size is being increased.

The countdown has begun!